Questions from Real Estate investing Beginners - Part One

Jay Conner and Chaffee Nugyen share some of the questions from their latest real estate conference:

Podcast #106

Bootcamp Questions

How do you get private money when you don't have credentials when starting this business. How much do private lenders care about experience?

What is your elevator Pitch at BNI?

## What do you do with the private lender's funds while you're looking for a deal?

## Are there any issues with Paying referral fees to people who refer private lenders

Do you refer your lease options buyers to a particular loan broker or brokerage or do they typically choose their own loan broker or brokerage

## To get the money wired, do you need to get the attorney in touch with the lender?

If you buy a home on Terms and it needs rehab, can you get a Private Lender for the Rehab

Do you charge market rent or a higher rent to your rent-to-own buyers

If it's a higher rent, does the difference in rent apply towards the price of the home

## Who pays the transaction fees from borrowing Private Money From a Private Lender's IRA?

How do you address Senior Citizens Concerns that they may die before they get paid out from their loan?

What's the average age of your private lenders?

How is the private lender protected if the Real Estate Investor Dies?

If you sold a home using your rent to own process during the peak of the market, what are your options if there is a correction in the market and your property begins to depreciate?

If you are behind on Payments do you offer a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Do County Court Houses put Memorandums of Options online

What accounting system do you use? (Quickbooks)

How do I find a homeowner of a vacant home if I get a Return Sender mailing

How do you decide which Self-Directed IRA company to use?

What's your morning routine like? Reading news, etc. What's your reading list now?

What are the benefits of being a Private Lender

When a Private Lender loans money, is it deal specific, or are they investing in a program or pool of funds?

Do you use a quit Claim deed to transfer property with your foreclosures?

Are you able to buy foreclosures directly from the bank?

Do you use private money when you're buying a house subject-to the existing note?

Can you use private money when you're buying a home with seller financing?

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