Wholesaling Real Estate For Extra Profits Brett Snodgrass Part Two

Brett Snodgrass shares how he scales his business.

Scaling a Business ~ doing 20 Deals a month isn't much different that doing 5 Deals a Month

Diversify ~ Don't put all of your EGGS in 1 Basket ~

Brett is launching a Note Business "Simple Notes" this Quarter with Simple Wholesaling, do something that can go along with your business?

"PLAY YOUR GAME" Don't turtle like everyone else.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BE TIGHT!!!! Tighten up you System, be more Efficient!

Wholesaling is Marketing to find deals (buy or control a property for another RE investor) abd marketing to find investors. He is a matchmaker between a seller and a buyer of a property.

Brett does more of a Wholetail deal where they actually buy with private money.

Wholetail profits on average are $7000. Assignment fees are around $5k (wholesaling)

$20-50,000 average house price. Indianapolis house prices range from $50-$120K.

Brett shares how he finds leads. His marketing makes 3-4 times more than he spends.

He shares his number one strategy. He holds his own monthly Meetups and trains real estate investors how to wholesale. He shares how his deals work out. Working with the competition not against has brought Brett a lot of profitable business.

His top tip for new REI's: Find someone who is doing what you want to do and model them. Go work for a company first. Learn from experts.

Free eBook: https://www.simplewholesaling.com/resources/our-system/

Listen to Brett's Podcast:


Brett is the founder of Simple Wholesaling, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. He has been involved with real estate full time for 10 years. Whileenjoying the ride of entrepreneurship, he recognizes that God has provided this opportunity for him and his family. He has made it his mission to spread the Kingdom of God through empowering real estate investors.

Ingrained in his heart is the will to assist others to be successful in this business and to help build a positive reputation for the wholesaling industry. Brett is a simple and humble guy that focuses on giving back to share the wealth of knowledge and experience he has gained as a successful wholesaler.

Simple Wholesaling brings opportunity to real estate investors by connecting them with the right properties.

Brett and his team provides free educational content on their website for those that are looking to learn how to real estate wholesale.

The Simple Wholesaling Podcast with Brett Snodgrass features guests from all aspects of real estate investing as he and his cohost, Jaren, interview them, give their insight of the week and share their christian faith the the listening community.

Wholesaling Made Simple is a Meetup organized and ran by Brett as an opportunity for local Indianapolis investors to network and learn about real estate wholesaling from Brett himself.

His five Core values are:

1) Be a faithful servant

2) Mission Minded

3) Leaving a lasting impression

4) Simple and smart systems

5) Enjoy the Ride

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.

What is Real Estate Investing? Live Cashflow Conference


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