Cashflowing Apartments with Corey Peterson - Part One

Corey Peterson joins Jay Conner today.

Over 1000 apartment units under control. Author of "Why the Rich Get Richer" at

He used Private Money to leverage his knowledge about wholesaling and flipping houses and apartments.

His first Private Money deal was $85,000 at 12%.

His two rules:

  1. Never ask for money
  2. Ask for recommendations

Corey went full time in 20009. He started to transition from single houses to apartments. He became a workaholic. He was not building the life he wanted. He was at a crossroads. He was putting the wrong thiings first.

He changed his questions from "I wish I could buy an apartment' to "How do I buy an appartment".

He bought his first apartment for a million plus in 2011 and sold it a couple years ago for $8 million.

Corey likes apartments compared to single family homes. There are tax advantages. It is easier to scale. You know the expenses, eg, property manager, maintenance, etc.

How does Corey find his Private Money? He looks for average people with IRA's who want better ROI. He goes to charities and works with them. As the ice breaks, he is introduced into people with money to invest.

How does Corey structure his deals?

His deals are a five deal hold. His investors are long term investors, with a bonus when they sell the apartment of annualized 6%, so investors end up with 12% annually.

Cashflow Calculator: text 'calc' to 480-500-1127 to get a free copy.
Underwriting tool to help get multi family apartments to see if a deal works or not.

Visit Corey's site:

Three Ways to Make Money in Apartments Buying Cashflowing Apartment can pay you three ways.

Acquisition Money
The money you can get as a fee for raising capital the correct way. On average 3-5% of the purchase price. On a ten million dollar purchase, that's 500k Cash-Flow Money Cash flow is the best game in town. When set up right, it's like a never ending well that always replenishes. This is why you want to be an apartment investors.

Final Sale Money
We operate for cash-flow and intend to hold our properties at least five years. When appropriate, it may make sense to sell at the peak of a market and 1031 exchange into a new deal in a different emerging market. When done correctly this can yield millions. I call this Big Time Wealth.

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