Ryan Saxman, Successful Student, Flips Homes Profitably

Ryan Saxman joins Jay Conner. He's the author of "Don't Be Normal - Be Unstoppable"

A former Coast Guard, since 2009. Became a reservist in 2019. He is flipping 5 homes presently. He started in REI in 2016.

He wants to do more RE wholesaling.

Ryan has raised $1,000,000 in Private Money. He now sees it as a small amount, whereas before it was a huge amount.

He is flipping five houses right now. $175,000 in profits.

He started a coaching program called Motivation to Millions, which teaches people to wholesale properties. A 90 day program. Accountability is a key to success.

Ryan's favourite books:

Ryan: "What you do on a daily basis will determine your success."

"On the other side of Failure is Success"

Daily practices

Before: Reading Facebook, emails, Hollywood gossip, then procrastinating

After: Writing daily affirmations, self visualization, building up his beliefs, then following through.

Problems are "Nothing more than unanswered questions."

Favourite Marketing methods: Word of Mouth/Affiliate Marketing - utilizes other people's knowledge and connections.

How do you work in REI when you are in different states?

Prop Stream that gives you a list of 60,000 people with 20-30 filters to get in touch with people who are going thru divorse, out-of-state owners, pre-foreclosures, and much more.

Uses a skiptrace service to find cell phone numbers to call them personally. Skip Genie is his pick.

Ryan calls them.

You need to have pipelines to bring in prospects

Ryan sends 10,000 postcards a month. Calls 20 potential sellers a day. Massive action brings massive results.

Ryan is available at https://www.facebook.com/public/Ryan-Saxman


Ryan's best advice: Be persistent when going for success.

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