Paul Farrington Private Lending For Real Estate Investors Part One

Paul Farrington Private Lending For Real Estate Investors

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Paul Farrington and LendingOne strattle the Private Lender and Hard Money Lender types of lending.

The founders of LendingOne are long time real estate investors who got fed up with the lack of service and technology from the big institutional lenders and banks so decided to start their own company based on exceptional service, great technology and 'investor friendly' loans.

LendingOne is a 'one-stop shop' for real estate investors as we offer Fix and Flip, Long-Term Rental, Portfolio Rental and New Construction loans. (We are also constantly adding new products).

They are a private lender. they fit in between banks and hard money. they do not require much documentation and do not verify income like banks do and their rates and fees are much better than hard money.

What LendingOne is really good at is helping real estate investors scale/grow their business. Their website and technology is set up so that you only have to fill out our online application once on your 1st loan and then they just need property info for any loans after that. they have tons of customers who have closed 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 loans with us.

Paul has been in lending since 1999, primarily in the residential lending and have been originating loans for real estate investors since for the last 7 years. His goal is to help people and add value. If you would be a better fit for a bank loan or conventional financing, for example, he will tell you that directly. Then when your bank financing runs out, they are here for you. If they notice your insurance is too high, they might recommend getting a quote from someone just to compare. If they cannot do your loan for some reason, they know people at most every private lender in the industry and will send you to someone that can. Paying it forward and helping people always pays off in the long run!

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