How Mitch Stephen Bought and Sold over 1000 Houses with None of his Money Part 2

[Podcast #90] Mitch Stephen Bought and Sold over 1000 Houses


Best Advice for a new Investor

Alwats check references

Once you find a strategy you want to do, then stop with free learning and pay a successful mentor who can show you the right way to invest in your strategy.

He advertises in Spanish on Facebook Marketplace. He has 8700 people on his text list who called his signs. He texts everyone who signed up with photos of photos of his newest house. He averages 8 days to sell a house.

Mitch Stephen is the author of the book series MY LIFE & 1,000 HOUSES....

- His first book came out in 2008 and was Titled...


Failing Forward to Financial Freedom

It is an autobiographical story about how Mitch, as a young entrepreneur, morphed into a professional real estate investor with over a 1,000 house transactions to his credit.

In 2014 the second book was released...


200+ Ways Find Bargain Properties

This book was written to answer the most popular question of the day;

"How do you consistently find so many great deals on houses?"

In 2016 Mitch published his 3rd book titled

Failing forward to financial freedom

Mitch's course - 25 hours of intense training.

His Podcast:

-Links for the show notes

  1. 1) Mitch Stephen Books-
  2. 2) The Art of Owner Financing 497 -
  3. 3) $7 book Owner Finance101-
  4. 4) Mitch Generic Webinar Registration -

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