Matt Theriault, EPIC Investing, Attracting Hot Leads Part One

Matt Theriault, EPIC Investing, joins Jay Conner today.

There are three pillars to a successful real estate business:

1) Attracting the Seller
2) Convert the Seller into signing the contract
3) Exit - Taking your profit

Lead Machine: How to attract the deals

In our high tech world, direct mail is still a powerful lead generation. Matt has integrated online with offline marketing. He sees good results from driving people to a web site and remarket to them. Matt also sends a video to their phone as well as ringless voicemail.

Real estate is easy. What is hard is what goes on between your ears.

Two things holding people back:

1) They do not believe that real estate can make them money
2) They do not believe that THEY can make a profit

Advice for brand new investors:

1) Be intentional about your environment - people you associate with. Be with people who are doing what you want. Then be valuable to them.
2) Move at the speed of instruction. You don't need ot know everything to start
3) Money questions. Once you can find deals you have leverage in the relationships. Have a good deal? Money is easy to find.

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Started his podcast in 2010.

Since the start of his own real estate empire in 2003, Matt has mastered the most effective and creative real estate strategies for producing multiple streams of income. Over 6 million downloads of his podcasts worldwide—Epic Real Estate Investing, Do Over, and Turnkey Real Estate Investing, among others—have established him as the go-to guy for “no B.S.” education and systems for real estate investing success.

Having originally escaped the rate race with no cash, no credit, and a starting salary of $7 an hour bagging groceries, Matt has developed a keen understanding of the journey to establishing Epic wealth and independence.

Matt has captured most of his 14 years of experience in his books Do Over and Epic Freedom. His soon-to-be-released titles in 2017 and 2018, No Agent Needed and Epic Wealth, will complete the appendix of his investing knowledge. Matt plans to secure his son's future by passing down these volumes, and he encourages other parents to do the same.

Matt's mission is to help unfulfilled people broaden their horizons with faster, easier routes to financial independence—many of which they are completely unaware of.

Matt reads: Books about the future, blockchain, how the cell phone has become the center of our attention, sales process.

His favourite books: Awaken the Giant Within and The Slight Edge

His books:

Do Over:

No Agent Needed: The Hottest Tips, Tricks, and Hacks from Rockstar Real Estate Investors That Anyone Can Use to Sell Their Properties Fast and for Top Dollar without a Real Estate Agent:

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.

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