James Hawk Wholesaling 1000+ Houses Part Two

James Hawk has flipped and wholesaled over 1000 houses since 2010. He does over 150 deals a year now. 95% are wholesale deals.

James is passionate about:

1) Sales side of RE

2) Loves Marketing

3) Team Building and leadership

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Wholesale deals are locking up a property under a contract and then selling the contract for a fee to a cash buyer. James goes thru his process to assign the property to the buyer. He also does simultaneous closings.

For a successful wholesale deal, you have to have the acquisition process worked out. His favorite methods to locate deals are cold calling, direct mail, PPC, FB ads and referral strategies.

He uses his own software to find ideal leads: www.GetFMHnow.com

His favorite dialer is Call Tools, a 10 line dialer. One out of 15 people on the phone will talk with the caller. 600 dials bring 6 good leads a day.

James has mailed out 1.5 million pieces of direct mail. He likes to mail to lists about foreclosure, codes violations, leins, eviction, age, absentee owners, vacant houses.

James shares how they find a buyer for his wholesaled homes. He explains how he builds his list. The people on a list that consistently buy is a very low number. The type of buyer that buy changes over time.

He uses LinkedIn Groups to find buyers. Meetup.com is another great place to find buyers. He also likes FB groups.

James' free gift, How to get to $10K in Real Estate as fast as possible: www.JayConner.com/10Kchallenge to download for free.


Hayden Hawk Investment Group is comprised of finance, real estate, project management, procurement and tax professionals leveraging years of experience and education. Our partners have been in business for over 20 years achieving great results for long-standing quality service. These individuals and companies are comprised of all local professionals who take advantage of their robust understanding of the local Jacksonville market.

James is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, marketing, advertising, managing acquisitions of residential, office, retail, multi-family, and land assets. Considered an acquisition specialist, his creative and streamlined processes have played an important role in the rapid growth of the company. Prior to investing in Real Estate, James was a supervisor at PDM Bridge, a steel fabrication company featured on Megabuilders, for their work on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington D.C. Since leaving the bridge company, he has been a full time real estate investor for almost a decade. James grew up in St. Augustine, FL and still resides there as he enjoys going to church, playing golf, fishing and traveling.

Real Estate Cashflow Conference: https://www.jayconner.com/learnrealestate/

Free Webinar: http://bit.ly/jaymoneypodcast

Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.

What is Real Estate Investing? Live Cashflow Conference


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P.O. Box 1276, Morehead City, NC USA 28557

P 252-808-2927
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