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Jay Conner

Apr 23 2021

Jerry Green joins Jay in today’s show of Real Estate Investing with Jay Conner.

Jerry is a native of Ohio and currently lives in Germantown Ohio, with his wife of 17

years and their 4 children.

He started in the REI Business in 1994 after going through bankruptcy in Springfield Ohio. He began by wholesaling properties and then merged into Fix and Flips.

Since that time he has been involved with doing over 1,500 deals including fix and flips of single and multifamily rentals, and commercial properties.

He soon realized there was a big difference between just being in REI and actually

running a real business. So after multiple failures, millions of dollars in mistakes, and

through personal tragedy, he was able to build a true, scalable, REI Business.

Now he works as the CEO of his REI Business but is operationally removed from the business as a whole. He does a high volume of wholesale deals, which are all done


Jerry now spends his time helping others learn the REI Business. He teaches them  how to build and scale their businesses and shows them how to master their Acquisition skills.


0:01 - Teaser: “ Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money”

0:20 - Introduction

0:53 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

2:03 - Today’s guest:  Jerry Green

4:21 - The Jerry Green Story

7:45 - What is a wholesale deal?

10:48 - How do you find your deals?

12:08 - How do you find sellers?

12:35 - What type of lists do you use when using the direct mail strategy?

13:55 - Secrets in writing postcards to receive a good response. 

17:18 - Getting to know your acquisitionists.

19:32 - Steps by steps guide in running a successful virtual wholesaling business

23:44 - What is your arrangement with the home inspector when they estimate repairs?

29:08 - - connect with Jerry Green

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