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Own A Mobile Home Park Now! with Jefferson Lilly & Jay Conner, the Private Money Authority

Jay Conner

May 06 2021

In today's episode of Real Estate Investing with Jay Conner joins Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners.

Park Avenue Partners is a real estate investment partnership that invests in and operates mobile home parks nationwide.

It is their mission both to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns for our limited partners, as well as to increase the supply of affordable housing for low-income Americans.

Jefferson Lilly will talk about:

• How to become able to quit your day job and achieve financial independence

• How investing in a mobile home park fund fits into estate planning (diversification, high yield cash payouts, tax losses, non-correlation)

• How to manage any kind of real estate remotely with technology

• How to raise tens of millions of dollars from podcasting

• How to successfully syndicate a real estate investment

• How to grow from being a 'version 1.0' investor (where you do everything yourself) to being a 'version 2.0' investor (where your team does everything for you so you can grow the business)


0:01 - Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money”

0:30 - Introduction

1:08 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

2:10 - Today’s guest: Jefferson Lilly

4:55 - What piques your interest to choose mobile home parks as a real estate business?

6:47 - What makes mobile home parks unique from all other real estate niches?

8:11 - How do you find deals?

9:31 - Number wise, what makes a good mobile home parks deal?

11:44 - Get connected with Jefferson Lilly -

13:17 - How do you manage and run all your different mobile home parks remotely?

16:18 - Rent the land but own the mobile home.

20:11 - Amenities of Jeffrey Lilly’s mobile home parks.

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