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Jay Conner

May 20 2021

Nick Legamaro aka “Nick The Note Guy” is here in today’s episode of Real Estate Investing with Jat Conner. 


Nick has been investing in real estate since 2001. He has done just about everything there is to do in real estate. He even experienced the crash firsthand in 2008 and lived to talk about it!


He has bought, fixed, rented, sold, flipped, or been a lender on 1000+ properties.  He has personally looked at over 10,000 deals.  He has built companies for profit and recently sold one to a 100-year-old Federally Chartered BANK! He has done lots of “HEAVY LIFTING” but in moving forward I have made a HUGE shift!


This is where investing in Performing and NPL Real Estate Notes comes in. With his expertise and technology, he can “control” not “own” millions of dollars of assets nationwide. Now he is ready to show how you too can “Be the Bank” and invest in High Yield, Low Risk, Securitized Real Estate Mortgage Notes.


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0:01 - Introduction

0:30 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

1:57 - Today’s guest: Nick Legamaro

4:33 - How Nick Legamaro entered the real estate business

11:01 - Creative Deal Structure

13:13 - Using Notes In Wholesale Deal

14:07 - Who needs Seller-Financing?

16:00 - Wrap Mortgage Strategy

18:24 - Doing a Deal On A Wrap

20:52 - Note Business is Not Difficult but Complex

22:33 - The beauty of Note Business

23:11 - Finding Buyer & Seller in Note Business

25:17 - Connect with Nick Legamaro -

26:33 - Best piece of advice to a new real estate investor.


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