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Casey Ames on Real Estate Investing With Jay Conner, The Private Money Authority

Jay Conner

Jun 09 2021

Casey Ames has a strong heart for the Lord, a luxury Home builder, multi-family Developer, SFH developer. He runs a large wholesale outfit averaging over 100 per year. A mentor and has been in the Real Estate business for 5 years. 


Taylor Jene Homes builds high-quality homes and renovates older homes with care and a spirit of revival. No matter if starting from bare land or existing structure, President and founder Casey Ames ponders possibilities, develops and embraces a vision, and delivers excellence with quality and creative design.


Constantly improving on processes along with the use of technology and systems, Taylor Jene Homes empowers its crews to execute plans with clarity. Add in the singular focus of subcontractors and trades, city and county officials, professional engineers, and others to do what they do best within the project plan, a well-orchestrated collaboration results in remarkable home and new development creations.


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0:01 - Introduction

0:53 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

1:42 - Today’s guest: Casey Ames - https://www.TaylorJeneHomes,com

 3:28 - Casey Ames’s story in real estate.

6:45 - What does your team look like in your wholesaling business?

8:40 - Systems Casey Ames used to smoothly runs his real estate business.

10:54 - What is the average assignment fees in your wholesaling business?

13:17 - Do you invest outside your area?

14:08 - Do you agree that it’s more challenging to find motivated sellers now?

14:58 - What’s your best way in finding deals?

18:44 - How do you find motivated sellers that are owners of luxury homes? 

23:15 - Casey Ames’s negotiation technique to close a deal.

26:44 - Casey Ames’s best advice.

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.


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