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Jay Conner

Jun 10 2021

Corey Reyment is a full-time real estate investor originally from Green Bay. He and his wife Carrie recently purchased a home in Seminole, FL, and are spending their winter months out of the freezing cold.


Corey and Carrie bought their first duplex at the end of 2016 and parlayed that into 115 doors within three years of that first purchase using the BRRRR Strategy almost exclusively creating a portfolio now worth over $8 Million dollars. They also run Fox Cities Home Buyers and Wisconsin Discount Properties, the largest real estate wholesaling company in Wisconsin, where they did about $2 million in revenue in 2020.


They also teach students across the country who are looking to get their first BRRRR Deal and run a Mastermind Group called Launch, which helps businesses go from working in their real estate business to working on their business.


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0:01 - Introduction

1:08 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

2:04 - Today’s guest: Corey Reyment

6:15 - It’s all about making an impact in other people’s lives.

7:47 - The BRRRR strategy with Corey Reyment 

11:58 - Two kinds of rehabs

13:02 - In your BRRRR strategy, how do you approach rehab?

17:13 - How do you find your deals?

21:08 - Favorite list for direct mail 

21:52 - “ P.E.N.D.” - Probate, Evictions, Notice of Default, Divorce

23:18 - What makes BRRR strategy different

25:55 - Connect with Corey Reyment:

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.


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