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Social Media Marketing for Your Real Estate Business with Jay Conner & Josh Culler

Jay Conner

Jun 18 2021

Josh Culler has been in the real estate investing industry since 2013 and has been a part of hundreds of deals as a marketing director. 


Owner of Culler Media and REI.VIDEO, Josh focuses his services on active real estate investors and real estate influencers providing content marketing. 


Primarily video content and podcasting. REI.VIDEO services those who film their video content but need editing done. Culler Media services those who need a more white-glove approach, including content production, copywriting, and distribution. 


Josh has two podcasts to educate you on content marketing and real estate marketing! The Content Marketing Playbook and the REI Marketing Weekly can both be found on any podcast platform.



0:01 - Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money

1:11 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

2:32 - Today’s guest: Josh Culler

4:41 - Josh Culler’s story in real estate.

8:20 - When it comes to the content market, how can you quantify and measure results?

15:04 - Direct Response Marketing & Content Marketing

19:08 - Different strategies of content marketing

24:29 - Making real estate investor’s lives easy through social media marketing.  

27:37 - Connect with Josh Culler:

28:40 - Josh Culler, what is your superpower?

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.


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