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Henry Washington, Helping Real Estate Investors Achieve Financial Freedom with Jay Conner

Jay Conner

Jun 18 2021

Henry Washington is an author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor with more than 65 rental units and dozens of house flip under his belt. 


Henry built his rental portfolio in just 3 and a half years, allowing him to achieve his goal of financial freedom. 


Henry has been featured in numerous online and television publications like FOX Business Morning Show FBN: AM, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, NBC, CBS, CourseMethod & BiggerPockets - where he enjoys showing others the power of real estate investing and financial freedom. 



0:01 - Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money

0:59 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

1:58 - Today’s guest: Henry Washington

3:28 - Henry Washington’s story in real estate.

6:57 - Henry’s first deal using only a thousand dollars.

10:05 - Does your credit have anything to do with borrowing against your 401K?

11:52 - More creative strategies on Henry’s first deal.

12:51 - Buy & Hold: a long-term business model in building wealth.

14:25 -  How do you find deals?

16:58 - Best advice for real estate investors that are new in the business.

19:57 - Greatest lessons learned. 

23:05 - What book have you given as a gift to other people more than any other book? 

24:15 - Connect with Henry Washington:

24:25 - Henry’s final thoughts: Face your fears. Start investing now!

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