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Jay Conner

Jul 08 2021

Freedom to go on different ventures, explore different areas of life, helping other real estate investors become financially free. 


These are the things that Nick Perry wants to share with everyone as he talks with Jay Conner about how he started his real estate business until his company became one of the largest wholesaling companies in the US.


Nick is the Owner/Founder/Executive Chairman of Want To Sell Now. The largest nationwide wholesaling company in the United States is based out of Austin TX. 


He also owns a fleet of semi-trucks multiple eCommerce businesses and invests in multiple companies and commercial real estate. He also owns the 7 Figure Cartel mastermind that gets people quickly through the hurdles to become multiple 7 figure real estate investors. 


He grew up in Northern Virginia and spent the first 5 years of my career in Personal Training before moving to Austin TX where he now resides. Nick moved to Austin with no job, network, and very little money. Soon as he got to Austin, he decided he would do whatever it took to be successful in real estate in pursuit of new opportunities. 


He didn't come easy. It took him 11 months to get his first deal but he did not give up. Nick worked 18 hours a day 7 days a week. He got a six-figure sales job at while he was building my real estate business. Nick devoted all of his sales commissions and time outside of my 9-5 to building my real estate business until he was able to go full-time. As soon as he went full-time, he quickly scaled his real estate company to where it is now in less than 3 years. He 

now has 8 streams of income and is working on creating more.



0:01 - Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money

1:02 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

1:59 - Today’s guest: Nick Perry

4:45 - Nick Perry talks about how he got started in the real estate business.

5:47 - What is your definition of freedom?

6:25 - When did you start your real estate business?

6:47 - Nick talks about some of his early struggles.

8:40 - As the owner of one of the largest wholesaling companies in the USA, Perry talks about what his company looks like and the number of deals they are making now.

10:04 - Nick Perry talks about what wholesaling is all about.

11:32 - Nick explains what is a Novation deal.

12:28 - What makes your company/organization different?

14:00 - How do you run your real estate business remotely?

16:10 - Nick talks about how he manages the rehab or repairs of a property.

17:51 - Tips on building buyers lists.

19:40 - Do you agree that it’s more challenging to find real estate deals now than a couple of years ago?

22:18 - How much money do you spend in marketing to get a contract?

23:21 - What tools in your real estate business that you can’t live without?

24;19 - What is the most important lesson that you learned from real estate investing?

26:42 - Nick Perry talks about his passion for helping other real estate investors.

28:18 - Connect with Nick Perry:


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