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Improving Business Relationships Through CRM with Danny Johnson & Jay Conner

Jay Conner

Jul 20 2021

It doesn’t matter if you are earning a million dollars a year unless you are enjoying the freedom that comes along with your business.

In today’s Real Estate Investing show with Jay Conner, Jay and his guest Danny Johnson talk about automation and organizing your business. How it will greatly help you build a real estate business that works for you and not you working the business.

Danny Johnson is a veteran real estate investor that has been flipping and wholesaling since 2003 having done nearly 1,000 deals. The financial and time freedom his real estate business created for him has allowed him to use his software background to develop the Forefront CRM for real estate investors.

He also hosts a new podcast called 'Braver' which is devoted to being honest about what's holding you back so that you can transition from doing everything in your business to having the business work for you.


0:01 - Get Ready To Be Plugged Into The Money

2:00 - Jay’s New Book: “Where To Get The Money Now” -

2:41 - Today’s guest: Danny Johnson

5:17 - Getting involve in different Masterminds greatly affects the success of your real estate business.

7:25 - “ Flipping Houses Expose” - Danny Johnson

9:19 - What is your conversion now compare to when you started?

12:04 - Importance of attending immediately to a motivated seller.

13:30 - Danny Johnson’s different marketing strategies 

16:17 - Significance of building rapport with your motivated seller.

18:16 - How Danny got into real estate?

21:39 - How did you transition from wearing all the hats to building a real estate business that’s working for you and not you working the business?

27:02 - The Forefront CRM for real estate investors.

29:03 - Connect with Danny Johnson -

30:15 - Danny’s parting comments: Look at the next step that you need to do. Do it and take action.

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Jay Conner is a proven real estate investment leader. Without using his own money or credit, Jay maximizes creative methods to buy and sell properties with profits averaging $64,000 per deal.


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