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Jay Conner

Jul 18 2018

Find and Buy Foreclosures

Your attitude in real estate investing will make or break you.

If it is 'bad' or the wrong attitude, you will struggle. Now, most people get into investing of any type with one goal: To Make Money.

But it is easy to forget that you are buying the house from a real, live, breathing human being. And most of the time, the reason they are selling is not a good one… they lost a loved one. They are in arrears and about to lose their home to the bank.

When we approach real estate investing from a place of compassion and service, amazing results occur.

I am of service to the people who sell me their homes and I see myself as helping them in a number of ways, depending on the specifics of the deal.

I strongly recommend you do that, too.

In today's show, I touch on this and also on my foreclosure system. Give it a listen! And be sure to subscribe.R

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