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Successful Real Estate Investors Talk Zero to $4.5 Million in Assets in 2 Years

Jay Conner

Aug 14 2018

Successful Real Estate Investors Talk Zero to $4.5 Million in Assets in 2 Years

Crystal and Dan talk about how real estate investing changed their lives. They attended the live events and applied the knowledge to their real estate investing.

To date, they have $4.5 million in assets, $2.75 million in equity and about $1,000,000 in profits. They raised $850,000 in private money and growing.Crystal had tried real estate investing before meeting Jay, but Dan had never thought about it.

Crystal grew up in a house in a constant state of remodelling as they loved fixing things up. She liked it as a side business.They live in the SE of North Carolina near Virginia.

Dan and Crystal do deals mostly in rehab and resale. Not all homes are rehabs. Some deals are with Private Money, but many are "Subject To" deals.

They give debt and stress relief.What are the challenges a husband/wife team? Crystal had a clear picture of where she wanted to take the business. Dan had a less clear vision which he needed to work on.Crystal and Dan share their latest deal.

Offered $67K.

Repairs: $30K.

Market value: $225K.

Sold for $259K.

Profit about $150K.

They share their lessons from this deal. Contractors were paid weekly, but did not do a good job. A realtor told them they could get $300K, which was false.

Success Habits: Affirmations and Visualizations in the morning. Vision Boards and Gratitude exercises. (Crystal)

Put Ego aside. Mental rewind of the day. Review the day. Take 100% responsibility. (Dan)

Best Advice for a new Real Estate Investor:

Dan: Self Improvement/Mindset/ Get away from negative people

Crystal: Learn from someone who knows what they are doing/Proven system/Show up

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